Remembering Rob Ford

“…With heavy hearts and profound sadness, the Ford family announces the passing of their beloved son, brother, husband, and father, Councillor Rob Ford at the age of 46. 
A dedicated man of the people, Councillor Ford spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto. Over his decade and a half in municipal politics, Ford won a devoted following for being a straight talker who championed the average taxpayer…”

Dan Jacobs,
– Toronto, March 22, 2016


8:15 am
Councillor Ford and family will arrive at City Hall
10 am – 6 pm
public visitation, City Hall Rotunda


7:30 am – 9 pm
public visitation, City Hall Rotunda


10:00 am
staging to begin for processional
10:30 am
Processional to depart City Hall
11:15 am
Processional to arrive at St James Cathedral
12:00 pm
Funeral service at St James Cathedral
1:00 pm
Service ends
6:30 pm
Celebration of Councillor Ford’s life at the Toronto Congress Centre

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  1. j.gill says:

    Dear residents of Ward 2, North Etobicoke… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to whats going on in city council, our ward no longer has a representative and I’ve heard that the council might try to get rid of this Ward and redesign the boundaries so please please please pay close attention because this is discriminatory… JOHN TORY is discriminatory… during rob fords funeral the city councillors and ontario liberal party were probably shocked to see how much support rob ford had and they do not want ford nation to continue… they just want to TAX TAX TAX and they want to north etobicoke to become a ghetto …. rob ford we miss you so much! your absence is already noticeable in city council. we are doomed without rob ford 🙁 god help us! rob ford was our protector!

    • j.gill says:

      rob ford was the only politician in north etobicoke who guinenly cared about us 🙁 the liberal MP (Duncan) and the MPP (Shaqvi) do not care about us, the MPP and MP have done nothing for etobicoke north, they have power to help the etobicoke general hospital but they ignored all the issues, they do not care about us only ROB FORD cared about the people living in north etobicoke… please come back and save us ROB Ford! we miss youu!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    • j.gill says:

      Mayor John DiscriminaTORY! if your staff is reading this, please tell mr. discriminaTORY that ford nation will not go away no matter how much you try to bully us! We will RISE again! We need diverse opinions in City Council and you said that yourself John, so we will definitely be following whats going on in city council, don’t think that just because our beloved rob ford is gone, we don’t care, we are still here living and breathing each day in this ward and we are so apprecitibe to all the work mr.rob ford did, so sad that he is gone, may he RIP!

  2. JoAnne says:

    Dear Rob,

    I was at Princess Margaret Hospital with my late father, one of your biggest fans, when you were first admitted. My father was heart broken for you. He put up a big fight, just like you. I hope you guys meet in heaven. My home is currently being put in danger by my very own city of Toronto. Politicians and city workers continue to wash their hands of my situation. I know you would have helped. I feel like all the bad press for your addictions could be seen as a blessing because, without it, the world wouldn’t have known about all the unbelievably good things that you did for your city and politicians everywhere wouldn’t have witnessed what “serving your city” really means. Thank you for your unwavering bravery, your energy, your sacrifices, your generosity and for giving my Dad a glimpse of hope before he passed that genuinely good hearted politicians can still exist in what can seem like a completely corrupt and hopeless system.

  3. Elsie Wynter says:

    I called Councillor Rob Ford in 2002 when I moved from North York to Rexdale. It was a new development and there were lots to be done including playground for the kids, sidewalk, stoplight and people were dumping old furniture and other garbage on a vacant lot. Councillor Ford visited and brought the works supervisors with him. They looked over the place and the dumping ground is now a car park for students who are shuttled to Humber College daily on buses provided by Humber College. In no time all requests were taken care of.

    Rob Ford to the rescue again. In 2007 I had a shift change at work to start at 06:00 am. I had no idea that I could not get TTC to take me to work at College and Yonge that early. I wrote to TTC informing them of my plight that this is a new neighborhood where ridership has increased and an earlier bus is necessary, but no one got back to me. They may have said ” who the hell this woman think she is requesting a bus to accommodate her.” My job was threatened. It was costing me taxi fare to get to work on time. My supervisors gave me three month staggered hours to get things together.
    I wrote to Councillor Ford who contacted TTC. A few weeks later TTC wrote to me telling me that they will be trying out the route #191 for an earlier bus and I should be at the stop by
    5: 23am starting February 29, 2008 and that bus will enable me to get the first train to take me to my work on time. Then I got from City Hall a copy of the letter that Councillor Ford wrote and TTC’s reply to him confirming the pilot project. I never got to use that bus because I was transferred to another location where my start time was later, however, there were so many others who needed that early bus and thanked me and it is still running and not a pilot project anymore. Rob Ford Got things done because he cared.
    Thank God for Rob Ford the person, Rob Ford the Councillor and Rob Ford the Mayor. He was special!! How many of those other people can the little people reach? They don’t return calls. There will never be another Rob Ford…. one has to be born that way. He was not perfect and so are many others. He was a natural and more human than many. God took him young because he has a special place and assignment for him. They crucified Rob Ford and he departed this life from us in the week that we recognized the death and resurrection of Jesus. Is that a coincidence or what.

    To his loved ones, he is in a better place – no more persecution, no more pain God loves him. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.
    E. Wynter, Etobicoke, Ward 2

  4. Lucy says:

    What an amazing man and how gracious all the Ford family are after all they have endured.
    My daughter described Rob best last night when she said “THE MAN WAS GOLDEN” I think
    that would be a great title for a book to describe his good deeds.
    Rest peacefully Rob.

  5. Sims says:

    Hi Rob…..put a good word in for me….that’s where all the good ones go
    God bless

  6. The Polera Family (Scarborough) says:

    Wow what an amazing turn out for Rob Ford. I felt the Love and support Torontonians showed at Rob’s funeral. I would have loved to meet Rob and attend the service but due to health reasons I was unable to. I watch the funeral service from beginning to end and I cried my eyes out throughout the whole thing. The Ford family looked so beautiful. My thoughts and prayers are with the Ford family each and every day. Rob was truly an amazing person and I wish till this day he was still here ??. May God Bless the Ford family with health and strength to get through this hard time but also know that Toronto is behind you all every step of the way. I hope Doug will take over Rob’s seat as we all know he is just like his brother ☺. Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses from our family to yours. R.I.P Rob Ford xoxoxoxo ? ? We will truly miss you but forever keep you in pur hearts ??

  7. Cory says:

    I never really cared too much about municipal politics before Rob Ford came along. As a person who takes the Scarborough RT almost every single day, I like many other people had to dealt with the crowding and the screeching noises as the train passed curves it wasn’t design to handle. As crowded as it is now during rush hours, I cannot imagine how much more crowded it would be for the next generation, if an LRT were to replace it. Instead, Rob Ford was a visionary and wanted to expand the capacity of the corridor for future generations to come. Everyone knows that if it was not for the endless hours of sweat that Rob Ford had put into changing the minds of the provincial government and persuading all levels of government to finance the Scarborough Subway, it would not exist today and in the future. Rob, the people of Scarborough will miss you!

  8. victor says:

    The Ford family and the people that Rob Ford served as a politician , friend and inspiration: Rob was bigger than life in everything he did. He reminded all of us that we can all aspire to great heights and, being only human, we all can fall as well. He would often try hard to remedy a problem as quickly as possible. The measure of a great man is not that he can touch one extreme or another but that he can touch both together. He brought Toronto together in many ways..some good and others not always as good. He was never accused of being dull…thats for sure.! Rob never flaunted his family’s financial success and instead chose to help the unfortunate that weren’t as lucky as he. I always marvelled at how he was happy to be himself. His strength was to remind those less fortunate that there are always more solutions than problems.
    I truly believe that Rob Ford in his own way became an inspiration to many to do the best that they could for as many as possible.
    And i’m sure he is one heck of an angel now up there as he was down here.
    rest in peace Rob… thank you.

  9. Enola Beans says:

    At the Celebration of Rob Ford’s life last night at the Congress Centre, I was delighted when the band’s first song was “One Love”. Yes, I was dancing for joy, but as this photo from a story on CBC shows, sometimes the total sense of loss would overwhelm.
    Thank you Ford Family for your generousity last night.

  10. Cindy says:

    Dear Ford family,

    My heart and prayers are with you. I cried watching the funeral on tv, I would have loved to have come but due to health reasons I could not. I am so pleased people are speaking out about how much Rob did for those in need. As my mom said he was a good man, funny too. When he was going through his difficulties I felt compelled to reach out to him, as he reminded me so much of my brother who passed at 44 in 2006, he too was also a kind soul, would have me and my sister in hysterics with his sense of humour. Rob reminded me of my brother…I had emailed him when he was under stress for his problems….and told him, you remind me of my brother, I hope you get help because I would do anything to have my brother back……he did respond saying if you need anything here is my number……he overcame his problems, it is so sad that he is no longer with his family as my brother is not too. My brother overcame his problems but the same thing, Our Lord decides everything. I am so pleased that Rob is getting the recognition that he deserved. My brother would have this joke with me when I was driving “ok Miss Daisy”… was something that was hysterical between my sister, my brother and me, my mom didn’t understand, as no one knows the “jones” thing between Doug and Rob, siblings have a special place in each other’s lives that no one understands…my heart was aching for Doug we know how painful this is…..God Bless to you all! You will never “get over it” mom’s, children, spouses and children do not “get over it” they learn to adjust and carry on!

  11. heidi says:

    Watched the wonderful send off that our city gave Rob., he deserved it-unfortunate that the hypocrites had to be there front row and centre, looks like the gravy train is back on track. Rest in peace Rob, you did a wonderful job-you will remain in our hearts forever.

  12. Djuradj Vujcic says:

    May God rest the soul of my friend and mayor Rob Ford: an honourable man of his word who truly loved the city of Toronto. Rest in peace Mayor Ford. You will be missed and remembered.

  13. brandon Mackinnon says:

    rob get well i love ur ford family

  14. T. S says:

    Dearest Rob & family,

    You guys are so blessed……there was a reason why God create your family and put you in a public eyes to live your life……..its a blessing & recognize how much you all been appreciated & fullfilled God’s messages to the fullest. One day you watch everything with smile in your face & laugh. There is a reason & message for everyone in diff way…….It’s OK to feel sad & with God blessing you all will be alright. Now you all gained sweet angel looking out for you all. Rob is in better place. Stay strong, be blessed, believe & take care of each other. God bless you all & you Rob up in heaven.

  15. Akmal Miral says:

    Our deepest sympathies go out to the Ford family. Rob Ford was a champion of the people. He was a man of principles, courage, and had a strong back bone.

    Doug Ford, you are an exemplary man and brother. We hope you continue to run for government and further Rob’s work.

    Rob fought to cut wasteful spending in the municipal government. He wanted to spend taxpayer’s money where it was needed most. He wanted to help and raise neglected neighbourhoods in Toronto. He worked hard to resolves issues and provide the needed services and funding to improve those neighbourhoods and the people living in them.

    The media was relentless in finding faults and trying to take his power away. The Ford family did not attend the Pride parades, as it went against their religious beliefs. Rob Ford fought for what was most beneficial to ordinary Torontonians, and new ones, this caused enmity between him and the City and Corporate Bureaucracy. These were the main reasons why there was an agenda to bring him down. It is unfortunate that people who criticized and disrespected him blindly followed what the media wanted them to believe. All they had on him was a one liner, on repeat for an entire year, until his powers were stripped off him. The media had a non-sensical and baseless following. To all of us, he was a true Champion.

  16. Enola Beans says:

    THANK YOU Ford Family for including us in the funeral and in the wonderful event at the Congress Centre last night. Yes, the healing has begun, but I was again filled with tears at times.
    Every culture, every religion, every social status was there last night. What else could unite so many people?

    Knowing I could not handle TTC, I took a cab, and made a friend in the process. The driver’s name was Paul, and he told me a story that his brother had shared. When it was thirty below, his brother had picked up an elderly man. The man was distraught, as their heat had failed. The landlord was nonresponsive to this crisis. Paul’s brother told the man, “Call Rob Ford”. He did.

    An hour later, Mr. Ford was at their door. He made arrangements for the repairs, and said he would deal with the landlord and the HVAC company about the bill. Vulnerable seniors dread having to deal with stuff like this – I know that from personal experience.

    Problem was it was a Saturday night, and the repair could not happen until Monday. Mr. Ford left, but soon returned with two electric heaters he had purchased for the tenants.

    Now this is a PERFECT example of why there were so many of us there last night. This act of kindness was done out of the public eye, and we would never have known about it if Mr. Ford had not passed. He will always be missed, and he will ALWAYS be loved.

  17. CINDY DAGENAIS says:


  18. Mahbooba Haidary says:

    Dear Ford family,

    With a heavy heart I give you my condolences. Rob Ford’s passing was devastating news, and a week later, we continue to feel deeply affected by it. Rob Ford did outstanding work. He will always be remembered for his principles and his achievements.

    Doug Ford, you are an exemplary elder brother. We hope you continue running for government. We give you our full support in all your endeavours. Let Ford Nation live on.

  19. Lisa Wong says:

    Dear Rob, you are a big guy with a giant heart for the well being of the needy Canadians. Your charisma comes from your genuine and sincere personality. You put yourself under too pressure for serving the public that eventually impacted your health. The love and respect from those you met and helped before will last forever.
    Your legacy lives on. R.I.P.
    Deepest condolences to your family.

  20. Nadera Patang says:

    Dear Ford family,

    Our entire family, and everyone else we know, loved Rob Ford. His honesty and integrity, and service to Toronto, and Canada as a whole was undeniable. He held the government accountable. He cared where our tax dollars were spent, and ensured it was spent in the most effective way, directly helping and improving the condition of the City and the people.

    Rob faced many challenges, but he dealt with it like a true man. We were concerned and hoped for the best when he faced cancer, and are now deeply saddened that it took him away.
    We wish we had sent messages of support and encouragement when he was still here. Many of us intended to attend the Funeral Procession, forgive us for not having been able to do so. Rob Ford will be in our prayers.