Remembering Rob Ford

“…With heavy hearts and profound sadness, the Ford family announces the passing of their beloved son, brother, husband, and father, Councillor Rob Ford at the age of 46. 
A dedicated man of the people, Councillor Ford spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto. Over his decade and a half in municipal politics, Ford won a devoted following for being a straight talker who championed the average taxpayer…”

Dan Jacobs,
– Toronto, March 22, 2016


8:15 am
Councillor Ford and family will arrive at City Hall
10 am – 6 pm
public visitation, City Hall Rotunda


7:30 am – 9 pm
public visitation, City Hall Rotunda


10:00 am
staging to begin for processional
10:30 am
Processional to depart City Hall
11:15 am
Processional to arrive at St James Cathedral
12:00 pm
Funeral service at St James Cathedral
1:00 pm
Service ends
6:30 pm
Celebration of Councillor Ford’s life at the Toronto Congress Centre

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  1. allesia says:

    We miss you Rob Ford, you were a true example of a leader with the qualities of a very caring leader. There is no one like you Rob. Others in politics and in office are dishonest and lie, or take from the peoples. Those ones plainly don’t care about anyone. These ones cannot be trusted. Rob you were genuine and not like them We miss you very much . Let Ford Nation continue and all the good Rob has done. RIP dear Mayor Rob Ford.We love you and will always remember you as you look down from heaven. Prayers are with the Ford family.



  3. kim says:

    Rob Ford was a regular guy who knew how to connect with people! He Will be missed by MANY!

    Here is a video of Rob during a coffee run…

  4. Ruthanne says:

    I live in Alliston, so Rob Ford was not my mayor. I wish he had been.

    CP24 had a great collection of photos of Rob, CP 24 ‘A look back at the life of rob ford’. , and his warm exuding smile was the same in each of them. That is

    Stephanie, your sweet message will echo in our hearts forever.
    Renata, I can see how much you loved your husband. You are such a role model for all women.
    Dougie, you have a wonderful big sister who likes to take care of you, a kind and loving mom, and an uncle with a lot of strength for you all.
    Doug, I wish I was part of your family! How loved I would be.

    God bless you all.

  5. j.gill says:

    OKay the media is still trying to mislead people it really breaks my heart and it is absolutely sickening, the toronto star keeps publishing articles about how the funeral for rob ford cost taxpayers 18 thousand… are you kidding me? Do you know how much rob ford actually helped SAVE? he deserved that funeral, he was the mayor of toronto and he was loved by many people in this city and thats what a public figure and politician like him deserved… so STOP all this nonsense…. he was a great man and it is so sad that he is gone and these newspapers are disgusting! absolutely disgusting…heartless disgusting creatures write for the toronto star and work for the CBC… i am so disgusted with how they treated rob ford! rob ford was like a social worker… social workers who work for the city of toronto didn’t even nearly do as much work as rob… i have personal experience with calling the ministry of ontario for services and the city of toronto and people hung up on me and purposely diverted my calls to different departments that had nothing to do with my questions… ROB was the opposite of these disgusting usless staff who are employed by the government and by the city of toronto

    • Simple says:

      Agree, Media is disgusting. Those editors make up stories. If they don’t make up stories, they have no job to do, no salary to pay. I had a chance to work for NYT for a short time, I have witnessed how media made up stories on very good, hard working employee. Media, stop exaggerating.

    • Cindy says:

      Agree, It only took them less than a week. They are terrible, were all positive thankfully during the funeral. Took them two days after the funeral. They totally misunderstood Rob Ford, as my family said he was a mayor and councillor. Did they ask these questions when other political people had public funerals. They should be ashamed of themselves, I feel bad the Ford family has to deal with this. The Ford family is against (Rob & Doug) politicians overspending. The media and nasty people just cannot be good for more than 5 days when it suits them. I don’t read the negative comments, people like this should be ashamed and look at their own behaviour. Rob Ford was a great man he had a big heart, we will never see this again in another politician. Actually, I was so happy they showed the Ford family support, since they were vicious when Rob was going though his difficulties that many people do and those who also participated should look at their behaviours. R.I.P. Rob Ford. To the Ford family you have my most sincere heartfelt condolence. Rob Ford deserved that funeral more then anyone. God Bless!

    • Linda K says:

      The Star have to post those nasty lies otherwise they would not sell papers, they will be losing a lot of money now Dear Rob has gone.
      Reporting is no longer meant to give info but caters to the editors voice. The reporters it seems are no longer able to be autonomous but to keep their jobs they are to cater only to what sells.

  6. thalia. says:

    Rob you were truly an amazing person. You did a superb job as Mayor and did what you said – no broken promises. Others in office give alot of broken promises or alot of lies. We need Ford Nation to continue so things don’t get out of place or a disaster. Doug Ford can you help please. Thank you. Prayers and Peace with the Ford Family.i

  7. victoria says:

    We miss you Rob Ford. You’re the best Mayor ever was. Very caring and you looked out for the little people and ready to help always. You came out to meet the peoples and talked to them. You were so Special to all. Let Ford Nation continue the good work of Rob. Love and Hugs.

  8. val says:

    Our Mayor Rob Ford, we miss you very much. You were loved by the peoples you served and helped including the
    little guy or the poor. Rob Ford you sure are the people’s choice. There are too many persons in office that don’t care , too many liars, too many that waste taxpayer’s money, etc. Many people are suffering and there’s no one to help or care about them. Many are treated unfairly. We need Ford Nation to continue and continue the good work that Rob did. God Bless the Family and Prayers are with you always.

  9. Julianne feilberg says:

    My condolences to the Ford family

  10. Allan Andersen, Denmark says:

    I’ve been to Toronto on business trips occassionally, and have always considered Rob as the working mans mayor.

    He had charisma, integrity and was straight forward in his way.

    May you rest in Heaven, unburdened by the smallminded, grey councilmembers amongst others, that did not respect you..

  11. pompom15 says:

    We will miss you. You have a great service to Toronto. From Alberta.

  12. Lillian Evans says:

    Our sincere condolences in the loss of a wonderful and caring man – Rob Ford. He will be greatly missed. Wishing the Ford family strength at this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you all. From: Lillian, Craig and Valerie Evans.

  13. Linda K says:

    Condolences to the Ford family.
    We will ever see another with a heart as good as his and the strength to carry through his beliefs.
    Rest in his arms Rob.

  14. Michael says:

    My condolences to the family and friends of Rob Ford. You will be missed by the residents of Toronto. You are the best mayor the city
    has ever had. Rob showed respect for taxpayers and stood up for the little guy.
    Rest in peace Rob. 😢💔

  15. Steven Chan says:

    I’m sincerely heart-broken for the Ford family. Rob Ford was a nice person, perhaps with flaws but he did not deserved to be treated so badly for that. I have never met Rob, nor has he been my Mayor as I live in Australia, but I have always been a supporter ever since I heard of him years ago. I wish I had met him and I know he was a great Mayor. As his daughter Stephanie said at his funeral, he is the Mayor of Heaven.

    Rob Ford is an example of hard work, courage and fairness.

    Rest in peace Rob Ford. You will remain in our heart forever.

  16. Harry Sharma says:

    Rob Ford you were an amazing mayor. From what I’ve seen you have a very unique personality, in a good way of course. You will always be remembered, and I will always be apart of the Ford Nation. Something you have started, and we promise that it won’t end. R.I.P Rob Ford. You were amazing. #bestmayor #FORDNATION #wewillmissyou #iwillmissyou #RIPRobFord

  17. Ga says:

    Best mayor ever! You will never be forgotten big man! Doug ford please come back to city hall to straighten out liars like John Tory or rats like Wong,Thompson,mijvec and all the other losers who want to continue to spend tax payers dollars!

  18. j.gill says:

    Dear residents of Ward 2, North Etobicoke… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to whats going on in city council, our ward no longer has a representative and I’ve heard that the council might try to get rid of this Ward and redesign the boundaries so please please please pay close attention because this is discriminatory… JOHN TORY is discriminatory… during rob fords funeral the city councillors and ontario liberal party were probably shocked to see how much support rob ford had and they do not want ford nation to continue… they just want to TAX TAX TAX and they want to north etobicoke to become a ghetto …. rob ford we miss you so much! your absence is already noticeable in city council. we are doomed without rob ford 🙁 god help us! rob ford was our protector!

    • j.gill says:

      rob ford was the only politician in north etobicoke who guinenly cared about us 🙁 the liberal MP (Duncan) and the MPP (Shaqvi) do not care about us, the MPP and MP have done nothing for etobicoke north, they have power to help the etobicoke general hospital but they ignored all the issues, they do not care about us only ROB FORD cared about the people living in north etobicoke… please come back and save us ROB Ford! we miss youu!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    • j.gill says:

      Mayor John DiscriminaTORY! if your staff is reading this, please tell mr. discriminaTORY that ford nation will not go away no matter how much you try to bully us! We will RISE again! We need diverse opinions in City Council and you said that yourself John, so we will definitely be following whats going on in city council, don’t think that just because our beloved rob ford is gone, we don’t care, we are still here living and breathing each day in this ward and we are so apprecitibe to all the work mr.rob ford did, so sad that he is gone, may he RIP!

  19. JoAnne says:

    Dear Rob,

    I was at Princess Margaret Hospital with my late father, one of your biggest fans, when you were first admitted. My father was heart broken for you. He put up a big fight, just like you. I hope you guys meet in heaven. My home is currently being put in danger by my very own city of Toronto. Politicians and city workers continue to wash their hands of my situation. I know you would have helped. I feel like all the bad press for your addictions could be seen as a blessing because, without it, the world wouldn’t have known about all the unbelievably good things that you did for your city and politicians everywhere wouldn’t have witnessed what “serving your city” really means. Thank you for your unwavering bravery, your energy, your sacrifices, your generosity and for giving my Dad a glimpse of hope before he passed that genuinely good hearted politicians can still exist in what can seem like a completely corrupt and hopeless system.

  20. Elsie Wynter says:

    I called Councillor Rob Ford in 2002 when I moved from North York to Rexdale. It was a new development and there were lots to be done including playground for the kids, sidewalk, stoplight and people were dumping old furniture and other garbage on a vacant lot. Councillor Ford visited and brought the works supervisors with him. They looked over the place and the dumping ground is now a car park for students who are shuttled to Humber College daily on buses provided by Humber College. In no time all requests were taken care of.

    Rob Ford to the rescue again. In 2007 I had a shift change at work to start at 06:00 am. I had no idea that I could not get TTC to take me to work at College and Yonge that early. I wrote to TTC informing them of my plight that this is a new neighborhood where ridership has increased and an earlier bus is necessary, but no one got back to me. They may have said ” who the hell this woman think she is requesting a bus to accommodate her.” My job was threatened. It was costing me taxi fare to get to work on time. My supervisors gave me three month staggered hours to get things together.
    I wrote to Councillor Ford who contacted TTC. A few weeks later TTC wrote to me telling me that they will be trying out the route #191 for an earlier bus and I should be at the stop by
    5: 23am starting February 29, 2008 and that bus will enable me to get the first train to take me to my work on time. Then I got from City Hall a copy of the letter that Councillor Ford wrote and TTC’s reply to him confirming the pilot project. I never got to use that bus because I was transferred to another location where my start time was later, however, there were so many others who needed that early bus and thanked me and it is still running and not a pilot project anymore. Rob Ford Got things done because he cared.
    Thank God for Rob Ford the person, Rob Ford the Councillor and Rob Ford the Mayor. He was special!! How many of those other people can the little people reach? They don’t return calls. There will never be another Rob Ford…. one has to be born that way. He was not perfect and so are many others. He was a natural and more human than many. God took him young because he has a special place and assignment for him. They crucified Rob Ford and he departed this life from us in the week that we recognized the death and resurrection of Jesus. Is that a coincidence or what.

    To his loved ones, he is in a better place – no more persecution, no more pain God loves him. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.
    E. Wynter, Etobicoke, Ward 2